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Gramoz was the soloist of the legendary Tirana Ensemble, including six male singers and one female soloist coming from different Albanian regions, whose intention was to honor the rich and unknown Albanian polyphonic repertoire. The songs of Gjini Ensemble waves between elegies, historical and epical pieces and tackle themes like love, seduction, migration, loss and death. The leader  (Mostly role of Gramoz) indicates a melodic basis over which the chorus (son Brihans, Ylber and other members) creates a sweet but strong emotional response.


Brihans, the son, is a naturally talented singer who knows the traditional repertoire very well via his father ; and he also sings many other styles. His role in the Gjini Ensemble is "the thrower" a typical and unique polyphonic voice of a region in South Albania. He also is "the breaker" , depends on the song, which consists breaking the melody and becoming the rhythmic engine of the song.



Ylber is a lyrical bariton singer whose bass song conquered the opera’s world. Due to Ylber’s powerful voice, the Albanian group finds a stability that emphasizes the beauty of the ensemble. He is the brother of Gramoz Gjini and has been an important member of the Ensemble Tirana.






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Laura Gjini is the daughter of Gramoz Gjini and sister of Brihans Gjini. She is also very talented and sings many styles. Laura usually does the leading voice but she also gives support to the Iso voice.







Raphaël De Cock is a multitalented Belgian singer and a good friend of family Gjini. Raphaël sometimes joins the Gjini Ensemble and gives the Ensemble an extra, special dimension. 





With the famous Albanian clarinetist, mr. Zhani Struga, in the leading role these professional musicians will blow you away, playing famous, traditional songs from whole over Albania in a way that always excites.





Mimoza is a famous, Albanian folk singer. She has a long experience in the field of polyphony from South-Albania, performing songs from Gjirokastra and Vlora. She finished her studies on the conservatory for classical - and folk music. For the moment she is a moderator at radio Tirana and sings regularly for the National Ensemble of Tirana. Mimoza usually does the leading voice.